Our Marketing Moves People!

Ask yourself this:

Would you rather hire a real estate agent who is expert at marketing themself, or one that is great at marketing homes?

There are a lot more of the former than there are of latter! In fact, there are very few who have true product marketing experience in today’s digital world – it’s generally not a skill that you pick up as a real estate agent.

In our case, it’s more something we bring from decades of corporate sales and marketing work in other industries prior to our real estate careers. We are able to market your home in ways that just aren’t possible the old fashioned way.

Marketing your home should be done no differently than the way any sophisticated business markets their products.

The reality is that most real estate agents have little to no background in today’s digital enterprise. They equate social media posts and magazine advertising to “marketing.” That couldn’t be further from what is really needed to sell your home quickly and at a good price!

When 99% of buyers are using the internet in their home search, having a real estate agent that gets your home found online by interested buyers can make the difference between a quick sale at top dollar and a home that sits and gets stale.

Three decades in media and marketing and seven years owning a digital marketing consultancy means that not only will we get your home in front of more potential buyers, we will get your home in front of the RIGHT potential buyers.

We do things with digital marketing that aren’t possible the old-fashioned way!

We can prove it, too! Can that other agent you are talking to?

Compare Our Results on Zillow to Other Listings!

Our listings get far more views on Zillow than similar listings.
In the case of 1573 Terracina Drive, well over 4x more views!

The Result:
In 16 days, over 80 groups of buyers came through 1573 Terracina Drive resulting in 5 solid offers for the buyer to choose from!

Since 2018, 16 of our listings have sold in a month or less.
These listings averaged only 15 days on the market!

Here are just some of the tools we use to sell your home:

  • Ongoing website design and development
  • Landing page design and lead capture
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Database management
  • Direct mail
  • Paid social media marketing
  • Organic social media marketing
  • Geotargeting
  • Remarketing
  • Google Analytics and data analysis
  • Marketing automation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Partnership marketing
  • Pay per click

Our ability to use these tools in a sophisticated manner provides our sellers with a proven advantage!

Jon’s professional marketing accreditations include:

  • Hubspot Agency Partner Certification in content marketing, inbound marketing, and search engine optimization.
  • Google Adwords Certification in advanced aspects of Google Ads and search engine marketing.
  • Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification, an industry-recognized certification that demonstrates expertise with the essential elements of social marketing.

We are able to market your home in ways most agents don’t even know are possible!

All buyers aren’t the same!

And your home shouldn’t be marketed as if they are. Cookie cutter, 25-point plans don’t cut it! Marketing is a process, not a checklist!

A buyer for a $700,000 home is  different buyer than one for a $1,700,000 home. Our process includes creating a specific marketing plan for your specific home. Your home is unique and the marketing to sell it needs to be unique, too!

While most real estate marketing plans will tell you about how much advertising they plan to do, our process requires a targeted plan that focuses on buyers for your specific home.

We create a “Buyer Profile” that tells us the type of person and family who will find your home ideal. With a buyer profile, we know what the buyer finds important and where the best place is to put your home in front of them. With this information, we create messaging and media plans specific to your home to target your buyers!

Isn’t this how your luxury home should be marketed?

Why wait to tell people your home is for sale?

Through the use of our pre-lauch process, we find that our listings sell much more quickly and for higher prices.

We don’t wait until the day before your house goes on the market to start marketing. Think weddings. Would you invite your guests the day before the wedding? Of course you wouldn’t! So why do that when selling your home?

Instead, we build interest BEFORE your home goes on the market to create anticipation and excitement among buyers. By doing this, you are much more likely to see offers right away.

Our pre-launch process can make this happen for you, too!

If you would like to find out how our digital marketing and pre-launch processes would help sell your home quickly, at a great price, with terms you like, shoot us a quick note here, and let’s set up a time to talk!

What about ads in that fancy real estate magazine?

Did you know that ads in that magazine don’t get printed until 4-6 weeks after the your home is photographed?
Wouldn’t you prefer to have your home SOLD by then?
We sure would!

Wanna know a dirty little secret about the ads in that real estate magazine?

They’re really about the agent getting listings, not selling your house!

Why would you want a realtor who spends more time, money, and effort marketing themselves than they do marketing your home?

Instead, we get your home seen by buyers across the country and around the globe – starting day one!

Your luxury home listed with us gets seen by over 750,000 agents in 140 countries. We put your listing in the Wall Street Journal and WorldProperties.com where it gets seen all over the United States and by international buyers around the world!

The two great things about digital marketing, different from magazine and newspaper advertising, postcards, door hangers, and other types of promotion most real estate agents use is that digital marketing is immediate and provides quantifiable analytics!

Here are 6 questions you should ask your real estate agent:

1) How many people saw your home advertised on Facebook? Who were they?
We can show you!

Yoffie Real Estate Facebook Ad Results
1,801 People Reached in 3 Days!


2) How many people viewed the video of your home? Who were they?  
We can show you that, too!

YouTube Digital Marketing For Real Estate
26,900 People Viewed This Listing Video for a Combined Total of Over 425 Hours!

Our real estate videos have been seen by many tens of thousands of people this year. Marketing your listing with video is a must in today’s market! We are leading the way!

3) How many buyers clicked through to your listing on their web site?
Yep, we count those numbers, too!

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Web Site Traffic Reports
Thousand of Potential Buyers View Our Listings on Our Web Site Allowing Us to
Re-Market to Them

Our website is designed to be an ongoing resource for buyers, bring them back to look for houses time and again!

100 web site visitors each day
Our Website Averages 100 Visitors Every Day – Most Agent’s Sites Don’t See That in a Month!

4) What kind of TARGETED internet advertising are they running?
We will share that information any time!

Yoffie Real Estate Group Web Advertising
24,442 Saw This Online Ad!
Your Home is Seen by on Over 100 Web Sites by People Shopping for Homes Like Yours!


5) Who are they emailing and what are their email results?
Our email is opened at more than twice the rate of the industry average!

Yoffie Real Estate Group Email Marketing
Does your agent have email results like this?


6) How do they use Google Ads to reach targeted buyers?
We are Google Ads Certified getting your home seen by buyers searching for homes just like yours!

After they view your home on our site or on Facebook, we retarget them across the web to remind them of their interest.

Google Adwords Certified
We don’t just market to warm bodies, We use Google Advertising to put your home in front of buyers searching for homes just like yours!

We do things with our digital marketing that aren’t possible the old-fashioned way!

If your agent isn’t up to speed on how to use digital marketing to sell your home, is she really the right agent for you?

Our Marketing Moves People!

We put digital marketing to work selling your home in ways that most agents don’t even know are possible!

Let us show you the difference it makes!

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