“How’s the market?”

It’s a simple question and one I get asked all the time.

How’s the market?


The market is the market.

If you need a home… buy the best home you can afford.

If you have to sell… get your home sold quickly for the best price possible.

See here’s the thing, markets are dynamic. They are ALWAYS changing. I don’t really understand the talk about “normal” markets. What does that even mean?

Sometimes the market is good for sellers.

Sometimes the market is good for buyers.

Sometimes the market is balanced between the two.

But it never stays the same for very long.

Every market has its advantages and disadvantages.

The last two years were great if you were a seller. On the other hand, they were kinda sucky if you were a buyer. If you were like most people, you were both. You had an easy time selling your home at a great price and you got caught in a bidding war paying another seller’s great price for the home you bought.

Today’s market is nothing like that. Sellers aren’t getting the activity they did a year ago. Buyers are having to recalculate budgets based on higher mortgage rates. Homes are staying on the market longer. Buyers have little to no competition in the today’s market and sellers are having to “settle” for something less than a “great” price.

Did anyone predict the recently past market or the current one? Nope. So how can they tell you what the market will be like next year? They can’t, it’s just a guess.

If you are considering selling or buying, you should ask yourself this:

Do you want to live in a different home?

Do you want to live in a different neighborhood or community? Are you willing to put that off until the market is to your liking, or are you prepared to make the change you really want and enjoy your life in the home of your dreams?

At the end of the day, regardless of the market, the best time to buy or sell a house is when your life and your finances allow for it. If that’s today, well, the market is the market… And we are here to help you make the best of it!