There’s been all this talk lately about how the real estate market is “normalizing. What does that even mean?

Is there even such a thing as a “normal” market? What would it look like if there were?

I’m always curious what the data says, so I pulled the “# of Homes for Sale,” the “# of Homes Sold,” and the “% of Homes Sold” for the past six Junes in El Dorado Hills.

El Dorado HIlls Market Data, June 2017 – June 2022:

what is a normal real estate market in el dorado Hills
Can you pick out the “normal” market?

Which year is LEAST like the others?

If you were to assume “normal” is the years prior to the Pandemic, it’s pretty clear that last year, June 2021, was the anomaly, not last month.

It’s also clear that there’s nothing here that should frighten buyers or sellers.

Anything jump out to you?