When You Sell Your Home Yourself, Are You Putting Your Family At Risk?

Shannon Yoffie and Jon Yoffie
Shannon Yoffie and Jon Yoffie
Published on August 13, 2017

What is your family worth? Do you realize that when you sell your home yourself that you are going to let strangers into your house? Would you let a gas guy in without an appointment? Would you let a cable guy in? What about the 20 people who are going to ask you to let them in to see your home?

You put your home in the paper or on the internet and you get a call, ‘I’d like to see your house tomorrow at 2 p.m.’ ‘No, can’t do it then,’ you say. ‘My wife and I will be at work.’ ‘Fine, then how about 6 p.m.? ‘That will work,’ you say. Then at 2 p.m. the next day, your house gets broken into.

Or how about this one. The caller says, ‘I live in a bad neighborhood, that’s why we want to move. Is your neighborhood safe?’ You might respond, ‘Oh, of course it’s safe. It’s so safe, nobody around here even has an alarm system.’ And then, the nut shows up and puts you and your whole family in the closet while he steals everything in your house.


Or a nice-looking stranger wants to see your house. You let him in. Now nobody buys on the first showing so when the stranger asks ‘May I take some pictures?’ you think he’s interested in the house. Instead he is photographing your motion detector and security pad.

These are just a few of the tricks of those who want to rob you, and I won’t even go into the ones who want to hurt your wife, your children, or you. I have specific tools for showing a home and monitoring who enters my clients’ homes. If for some reason I don’t come home from a showing, my wife knows to call me and, if necessary, the police. Who knows that you’ve been showing your house to strangers? Who will check on you or call the police for you? Have you really thought everything through?

There are many reasons that a Realtor® is your best friend when you are selling your home, but there are none more important than your family’s safety!

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