From $45 to $200 per hour. That’s what you’ll pay, on average, to hire a plumber, according to’s True Cost Guide. But, that’s for small tasks, such as faucet, toilet or sink repair.

Need a water heater installed? That will run you around $1,000, on average, nationwide.

Not all plumbers are alike, with the same amount of experience and the same skills. Assuming they are is probably the most common mistake consumers make.

Let’s take a look at five additional mistakes that homeowners commonly make when hiring a plumber in El Dorado Hills.

1. Choosing “inexpensive” over skilled

Go to any local social media platform, such as Facebook neighborhood groups and NextDoor, or sites such as and you’ll find lots of “handyman” types offering their services for a variety of home repair and maintenance tasks. Usually, these aren’t skilled plumbers.

Group members often offer referrals. Far too often, however, the person seeking the referral is looking for the lowest price, not the most qualified contractor. Too often, this same neighbor will be back posting in a month, complaining about the horrible work that was done.

It’s always smart to save money. Remember, you truly do get what you pay for. When the job is something as important to your family’s comfort and safety as many plumbing tasks are, hiring a professional plumber in El Dorado Hills will help you sleep well at night.

2. Not ensuring the plumber is licensed

Some states don’t require that plumbers be licensed. California does. In California a non-licensed handyman is forbidden to accept work valued over $500.

The license is proof that the plumber has passed an exam that tests his or her knowledge and meets all the California requirement for being licensed. Always make sure your plumber is licensed. If they work for a larger firm, make sure that firm is licensed, too!

3. Not inquiring about bonding and insurance

Ask any plumber you are interviewing if he or she carries general liability insurance. This insurance covers any damage caused as a result of the plumber’s work. If something goes bad, you don’t want to be out even more money because you hired an uninsured plumber!

Then inquire about bonding. A bond guarantees financial protection against a number of issues, such as work that doesn’t meet local codes or an incomplete job. Ask for written proof of the bond. In California, the bond is required to hold a valid license.

Finally, if the plumber works for someone else, ask if his or her employer carries worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance pays for injuries incurred during the time the plumber is working in your home.

4. It’s a huge mistake to not ask for references

When a friend, colleague, or neighbor recommends a plumber in El Dorado Hills, do yourself a favor and do some additional checking.

Go to the plumber’s website to find reviews. If you can’t find any there, check Then, ask the plumber for the names and phone numbers of his or her last three clients. Call each one for a review of the plumber’s work.

Finally, check to see if the plumber is rated at the Better Business Bureau and whether any complaints have been filed against the plumber and/or the business.

5. Not getting the agreement in writing

All the details of the job, the agreed upon time for completion and the price need to be put in writing and signed by the owner of the plumbing company.

While this agreement will keep the plumber on task, it will also protect you in the event something doesn’t occur as agreed or there is another problem.

Make sure that their refund policy is clearly outlined in the agreement.

Like those in most industries, honest, ethical plumbers suffer from those among them who are unscrupulous, dishonest and who perform substandard work.

Save yourself a headache by hiring a professional plaumber in El Dorado Hills.

We keep a list of qualified contractors that we use on a regular basis. If you’d like a referral, feel free give us a call!

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